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By Dillons in Bixby, OK

Top-Notch & Most Affordable Roofing in Bixby, OK

The search for an affordable, professional, and friendly roofing contractor is over! Whatever it is you are in the market for, we here at Masters have the roofers and the roofing materials to handle any and everything you need!

We happily provide honest, competitive, and free estimates on any and all of the following services; so you have nothing to lose! Contact our past Marketing and Tesla Repair Center Clients for a review.

Roof Repairs!

Have a leak? We got you covered with our roof repair service and the knowledge it takes to leave your roof looking like you just bought it!

We specialize and offer metal, shingle, and commercial roof repair service to any and all styles. Don’;t worry, we have the roofing supply that makes sure we can service all of our clients. We promise to carry more options than our competing roofing companies to ensure we can carry any style and any color that you could possibly be looking for.

Roofing shingles are the most common roof repair service we get calls for and we have perfected our craft. We offer leak detection services and once we find the source of the problem, you can rest assured it won’;t be a problem for much longer! Asphalt shingles aren’;t as durable as metal roof styles, but the brands we carry can’;t get much closer and will offer guaranteed protection for the future.

Roof Installations!

For any building or home, the roof offers the most important protection for your whole home. When we do installations for all types of roofs to any building, we make sure that the building materials and brands we use are the best you will find from any roofing supply group.

All of our installations come with a choice of warranties, from 1 year all the way up to a lifetime guarantee! That means for the rest of your life, any and all issues that may arise will be handled the same day that we are called and with no questions asked (just see our task organizer schedule). Any project that we here at Masters Roofing take on is a representation of how far we have come as a roofing company and we won’;t leave until it is up to our standards.

Roof Replacements!

If you find yourself unfortunate enough to have accumulated damage to your roof that might have gotten past the point of repairs, a roof replacement might just be what your need!

Without regular maintenance, forces of nature will inevitably take their toll on any roof types and sometimes a replacement is the only option. We offer full replacements on both metal roofs and asphalt shingle style roofing in which we work faster than any other guys around. Just as important as speed of getting your home back to normal, we make sure that we are quiet enough while working that you won’;t even know we are there and you can carry on with your normal life. We understand the urgency in getting your roof replaced so we make sure to handle every project with the same level of urgency without sacrificing the quality of our work.

This is a roofing company that started from scratch and has grown as a business by forming relationships with every one of our clients and having a connection to them. We are roofers that you can relate to and trust.

We happily provide service to all Depression Treatment Centers, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Sperry, Leonard, Real Estate Developers, and more!